Thursday, October 9, 2008

All's Right with Gunner's world

Gunner is making a complete recovery. We however may not. The vet recommended he stay inside until he got to feeling better . Well, he now is ruling the house. He trees all the other dogs, puppy teeth are so sharp, demands breakfast first thing, and has figured out that looking pitiful will get him an extra snack. We are so well trained! He will at some point have to go out to the kennel and live with Buddy, our older Lab. I am dreading that time, because he sets up a howl now when we lock him in the wash room at night. I hasten to add that he has 3 other dogs to keep him company. So what do you think he will sound like when he is outside in a kennel? He is a Hunting Dog, well he will be some day, and needs to get used to being outside . So I'll soon be biting the bullet and sending him off to live with Buddy. I'm pretty sure it will be worse on me than on Gunner.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Stressed Out

This is our new Lab puppy Gunner.
That's a stuffed duck he's after .
We let him stay in the house with the other
dogs for a few nights, then decided to get
him out to the kennel with Buddy, our old
lab. After all he will be a hunting dog and
needs to get used to being outside. Right?
All went well until the 3rd night. Sunday
morning, I went to get him and his head was twice the size it should be. Thankfully,
it was mostly underneath his jaw, but he was one miserable little guy. We thought
he'd been snake bit, so we called the vet, on Sunday morning, and she said give him 1/2 a Benadryl tab and watch him.
So, I spent most of yesterday letting Gunner sleep in my arms, he couldn't lay his head down on his paws without it hurting. So I held him and he lay on his back to sleep. He was feeling a little better about bed time, he ate a little and we gave him more benadryl . He had a pretty good night. The swelling was better this morning, but we still took him to see the vet first thing. She said it was puppy strangles, so he had to stay for the day and get a couple of penicillin shots , but he gets to come home this afternoon, with more meds. It's about time to call and go get him, so I'll close this. See you all later.