Saturday, April 11, 2009

Really, really bad week!

First off I'd like to say Happy Easter to you all.
This has to be the worst week we have had in a long time. My grandson Josh's great horse,Ace,colicked and had to be rushed to OSU in Stillwater, Rachel couldn't get him there fast enough and he ruptured a gut and had to be put down. The vets there told her surgery wasn't even an option. Of course, it was hard on everyone. Josh wasn't with her and didn't even get to say goodbye and there was no way to get Ace's body back so we could bury him at home. Really tough.
This afternoon, Rachel called and told us Josh was at the emergency room, broken wrist. Riding an ATV fell off tried to catch himself and snapped it. Hopefully it will get set properly and heal with no issues. His baseball season is over, you all know that baseball is REALLY important to him. He can't go fishing, or turkey hunting either. I don't know yet how much physical therapy he'll have to do. Rachel broke her wrist in just about the same place, and she had to do a lot to not lose range of motion. Of course, he's a lot younger....
Anyway this has not been a good week for us. Remember Josh in your prayers, he has a lot on his plate right now, and has lost the one thing that might have helped keep his mind off losing Ace.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Brings back good memories

Watching kdwhorses little cowgirl show that goat sure brought back memories for me.
My daughter showed sheep when she was in FFA. Some years ago, she has a 12 year old son now. I still remember what fun we had going to the shows. She had a best buddy that went with us and since most of the shows were during the week, her dad couldn't go so it was just us girls. I must have hauled those two over most of Southern Oklahoma. Rachel, my daughter, enjoyed showing and was very successful--3 county Grand Champion Market Lambs and Grand Champion Market Lamb at the Arkansas-Oklahoma State Fair. Her son Josh tried it when he was very small, about 6-7, won his light weight class, but says it would interfere with baseball since they both happen in the spring! His team starts playing April the 9th and we'll be busy from then until the last part of June. Hopefully they will still be playing in July--Regional playoffs. The playoffs are in Durant this year, which is home for us. Including a couple of pictures of my kids and their lambs. Kris tell Savannah we all said GREAT JOB!