Wednesday, January 6, 2010




the change is because I have another e-mail address that I use more often that the one I have to log on with here and it will be a lot less trouble to get here.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Her name is Reba and she's fast

Finally I got to take her out for a spin, I got lots of heads turning. I know it was the car! She'll definitely be a spring, fall, and winter car, the air conditioner just won't keep up with the hot summer weather here in OK. I picked Josh up from school, and he told me I was really making him look good. The only thing better was if he could be driving. I told him to just wait, his car would be ready by the time he could drive.
We had rain for the last 2 days, nice but does interfere with the baseball games.
Josh will be playing until Oct.31. So we still have plenty of games to watch.
Tony is gearing up for hunting season, so I have to get all my honydo chores on the list. Once season opens, he mostly hunts and chores get done around that. Oh well, keeps him out of the bars!and the meat is good to eat.
I'm going to have to redo my flower beds completely, the deer have decided that we put them there for desert just for them. That's what I get for putting a corn feeder in the front yard. We have 3 that come almost every day for a snack, then they lay down in the shade for a nap. They are sooooo scared of us and the dogs.
I enjoy watching them so even if they do eat my flowers it is worth it. I've tried to get a few pictures, but it is hard to get close enough even with the telephoto lens. We'll see if I sometime. Hope you all have a good week end.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Baseball and more baseball-----

Josh on the mound in his first start this year----we won
Josh got to start his first JH game, for a 7th grader to start pitching in the 8th grade game is a BIG deal. He was so happy and we of course were very proud of him.
He did well and with some defensive help got the side out for two innings. Rachel as well as the coach is keeping a sharp eye on grades, they are missing a lot of class and can't have any of the boys not making good grades, we have no pass no play here too!
We've had a cool spell this week and it has been wonderful, but makes me long for fall. I love fall it is my favorite time of the year. There is just so much you can finally get out and do.
I think Tony is finally satisfied that my mustang is road worthy, and I'm planning on taking it out this week. Looking forward to getting it out and seeing just how it will go. It looks pretty, Tony says I need to find a parade to drive it in. Maybe a Silo JH Baseball team Christmas car? Who knows, I'm just glad it's done and I can take it for a run.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Josh has begun his junior high baseball career, he got to close the first game of the season AND finish out the first game of their first tournament. He was the only 7th grader to get to pitch in a game so far. He did really well and of course we were very proud of him. The Rebels will be playing about 30 games this fall, in addition he'll be playing fall ball for the Durant League on the White Sox team. We will be getting a lot of baseball in. Good thing we have comfortable chairs. It's just about to kill his Mom, a lot of the games are early afternoon and she can't get off work, we just have to keep texting updates and answering calls!

Tony has finished my Mustang, I'm waiting on a spare tire then I can take her out for a spin. Painted her candy apple red, with back interior, and she is lovely. Can't wait to get to get her out on the road.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Team Xtreme

Josh's baseball team made it through the city tournament and are going to play in the regional tournament next week in Shawnee, Ok. We'll be there to watch and cheer!This team has a bunch of really talented ball players and we are keeping our fingers crossed that they can make it through to state.
Josh is finally 100% after that broken wrist, and we did stats the other night and even with his injury, he has the highest on base %. He has been working really hard on his batting and fielding, improving his arm strength, and has high hopes for next season as a pitcher. His goal right now is to make the 7-8 grade Silo school team. At Silo, they play BASEBALL, then basketball, no football program, I'm not sorry about that, I love football, but would just as soon Josh not play. Just too many injuries.
Today is Tony's birthday, Rachel and Josh will be coming up to celebrate, then next week we'll celebrate mine in Shawnee. We have our anniversary, and both birthdays within 4 weeks, so it's easy to keep up with and have a combined celebration for all.
Tony and I celebrated our 42nd Anniversary June 17. Today he'll be 64.
Hope you all have a safe and fun 4th of July.
GOD BLESS AMERICA --aren't you thankful we live here!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009



I want you all to know that I have wanted and wished for a Mustang since I was 14 years old. I am now the proud owner of a 66 Coupe, classic Mustang. Tony's friend found this one while looking for a project for Josh, T ask if I wanted it and I just couldn't bring myself to turn it down. T is going to pretty it up for me and I'm going to be one of those "grey headed" ladies you see in a sports car roaring down the road, terrorizing the other motorist! Its' going to be Candy Apple red with red and white interior, it has a 6 cylinder so I won't be getting any speeding tickets. I told T that I had a good car and didn't really need this, but after he said, but would you like to own it, I just decided that it would be fun to have and after all you can't take it with you so why not? I can drive it to the baseball games and use it when my friend and I go shopping, but not for groceries, the trunk is way too small. So look out if you see a red streak coming down the road, it just might be me. I'll post some pictures when we get it dolled up.


This is Kid, Josh's new horse, we were please and suprised that Josh decided to get another horse so soon after he lost Ace. But he told his Mom that he "had been horseback since he was 3 and he wasn't realy not to have a horse of his own". Josh pick Kid out of a line up on the internet and after a trip to Tulsa, OK, to see if he was really the "goods" Rachel put her stamp of approval on him and they went back the next weekend and Josh rode him for a few minutes, in his cast mind you, and it was love at first site. Kid has had lots of arena riding, and is well broke and does tricks, like pushing down a teetertotter and pulling a hankerchief from your hand, he'll sidepass over and let you mount off of the trailer or a bucket, and he justs 18" jumps (this might not be such a good idea). He's not trained on any events, but Josh would rather do that himself and is looking forward to getting started. Josh has his cast off, and is rehabing his wrist, he has good range of motion,, just need to loosen it up a bit and rebuild the strength. He's back playing baseball and will be with us for two weeks while Rachel finishes out the school year in Texas. Tony and he are working on his 66, but as they have 4 years before he can drive, I think they have plenty of time to get it ready.
Happy Memorial Day, be safe and have fun.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Really, really bad week!

First off I'd like to say Happy Easter to you all.
This has to be the worst week we have had in a long time. My grandson Josh's great horse,Ace,colicked and had to be rushed to OSU in Stillwater, Rachel couldn't get him there fast enough and he ruptured a gut and had to be put down. The vets there told her surgery wasn't even an option. Of course, it was hard on everyone. Josh wasn't with her and didn't even get to say goodbye and there was no way to get Ace's body back so we could bury him at home. Really tough.
This afternoon, Rachel called and told us Josh was at the emergency room, broken wrist. Riding an ATV fell off tried to catch himself and snapped it. Hopefully it will get set properly and heal with no issues. His baseball season is over, you all know that baseball is REALLY important to him. He can't go fishing, or turkey hunting either. I don't know yet how much physical therapy he'll have to do. Rachel broke her wrist in just about the same place, and she had to do a lot to not lose range of motion. Of course, he's a lot younger....
Anyway this has not been a good week for us. Remember Josh in your prayers, he has a lot on his plate right now, and has lost the one thing that might have helped keep his mind off losing Ace.