Friday, August 21, 2009


Josh has begun his junior high baseball career, he got to close the first game of the season AND finish out the first game of their first tournament. He was the only 7th grader to get to pitch in a game so far. He did really well and of course we were very proud of him. The Rebels will be playing about 30 games this fall, in addition he'll be playing fall ball for the Durant League on the White Sox team. We will be getting a lot of baseball in. Good thing we have comfortable chairs. It's just about to kill his Mom, a lot of the games are early afternoon and she can't get off work, we just have to keep texting updates and answering calls!

Tony has finished my Mustang, I'm waiting on a spare tire then I can take her out for a spin. Painted her candy apple red, with back interior, and she is lovely. Can't wait to get to get her out on the road.

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susieq said...

Love the car.. Great color.. don't get to wild now....