Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Team Xtreme

Josh's baseball team made it through the city tournament and are going to play in the regional tournament next week in Shawnee, Ok. We'll be there to watch and cheer!This team has a bunch of really talented ball players and we are keeping our fingers crossed that they can make it through to state.
Josh is finally 100% after that broken wrist, and we did stats the other night and even with his injury, he has the highest on base %. He has been working really hard on his batting and fielding, improving his arm strength, and has high hopes for next season as a pitcher. His goal right now is to make the 7-8 grade Silo school team. At Silo, they play BASEBALL, then basketball, no football program, I'm not sorry about that, I love football, but would just as soon Josh not play. Just too many injuries.
Today is Tony's birthday, Rachel and Josh will be coming up to celebrate, then next week we'll celebrate mine in Shawnee. We have our anniversary, and both birthdays within 4 weeks, so it's easy to keep up with and have a combined celebration for all.
Tony and I celebrated our 42nd Anniversary June 17. Today he'll be 64.
Hope you all have a safe and fun 4th of July.
GOD BLESS AMERICA --aren't you thankful we live here!

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