Monday, January 26, 2009

Spring,Summer, Winter?

I know that the weather is supposed to be changeable here in Oklahoma, but come on now! We been from spring (66) right through summer(82)and right back to winter (22), all in the matter of a week! Is it any wonder that everybody has a cold or worse. We have been taking advantage of the nice weather to continue clearing our place. You can't imagine how much brush and how many cedars grow up in 20-25 years of neglect. We have had a burn ban on here int he county for months now,(please let it rain) so no brush burning and the piles are getting larger. So if it does ever rain again and you look out and it seems that southern Oklahoma is on fire, it's just Coyote Run burning the brush piles. Thank goodness Tony has a bulldozer with a brush rake, that makes all this so much easier. I can't imagine what it was like for the first folks out here to try and settle this land. It's worth the hard work, the place is looking really nice, and there will be lots more room for food plots.
Baseball update, Josh has been invited to play on two select teams this spring, he just has to decide which one now. He is as passionate about baseball as Rachel is about horses, so I think we'll be going to a lot of games at least through high school. He is taking some lessons on hitting and pitching, and you can see the improvement all ready. He really works hard at the drills and exercises his coaches give him. I over heard Rachel telling on of his coaches, she wished he was into the horses, that she could keep him mounted and teach him about roping and barrel racing and all that, but baseball was his first love. Mind you, he isn't ready to give up Ace, and he is planing on making some play days and jackpots this summer. So horses aren't totally out of his blood.
Our new lab puppy, Gunner, is coming along great. Tony took him down to the pond with the old Lab, Buddy, to let him watch Buddy retrieve some ducks kinda clue him in. Gunner got so excited that T decided to let him get one that was right at the edge of the water. He got that one and delivered it right to hand, so T thought he see if Gunner would get n the water and threw the duck out about 10 yards, off Gunner went with out a hesitation, retrieved that one and then did it again just to be sure he didn't mind the COLD water. By next year he'll be more than ready to take over from Grandpa.
Believe it or not, as I sit here and type, I hear the sound of rain/sleet on the roof! So maybe we'll get a little bit of what we need. I hope it's more liquid than solid though. I hate ICE. You all stay warm and be safe.