Friday, February 20, 2009

Working on Wapi

It finally rained and this is where I've been! In the woods, dragging and burning brush. Thank goodness for Tonys dozer, it makes this much easier. In spite of being really under the weather, we got out and tried to get as much of the brush piles burned up as possible. We've been under a burn ban up here for months now and felf like we had to take advantage of the ban being lifted at least for a few days.
It is really h ard work but the place looks so nice after we're done. We only have about 35 more acres to clear. Tony is leaving the rest about 80, for hidy holes for the deer and turkey. this will make roughly 200 acres that we have cleared. I don't know what he'll come up with for our next project. Maybe fishing? I know baseball is just around the corner, Josh will be playing for a select team this year and we are all looking forward to the season starting. The weather is warming up so the snakes will be getting out, soon as I see the first one I'm GONE TO THE HOUSE! I don't do snakes.
Hope you all are well and having fun. Talk to you later.