Wednesday, May 20, 2009



I want you all to know that I have wanted and wished for a Mustang since I was 14 years old. I am now the proud owner of a 66 Coupe, classic Mustang. Tony's friend found this one while looking for a project for Josh, T ask if I wanted it and I just couldn't bring myself to turn it down. T is going to pretty it up for me and I'm going to be one of those "grey headed" ladies you see in a sports car roaring down the road, terrorizing the other motorist! Its' going to be Candy Apple red with red and white interior, it has a 6 cylinder so I won't be getting any speeding tickets. I told T that I had a good car and didn't really need this, but after he said, but would you like to own it, I just decided that it would be fun to have and after all you can't take it with you so why not? I can drive it to the baseball games and use it when my friend and I go shopping, but not for groceries, the trunk is way too small. So look out if you see a red streak coming down the road, it just might be me. I'll post some pictures when we get it dolled up.


This is Kid, Josh's new horse, we were please and suprised that Josh decided to get another horse so soon after he lost Ace. But he told his Mom that he "had been horseback since he was 3 and he wasn't realy not to have a horse of his own". Josh pick Kid out of a line up on the internet and after a trip to Tulsa, OK, to see if he was really the "goods" Rachel put her stamp of approval on him and they went back the next weekend and Josh rode him for a few minutes, in his cast mind you, and it was love at first site. Kid has had lots of arena riding, and is well broke and does tricks, like pushing down a teetertotter and pulling a hankerchief from your hand, he'll sidepass over and let you mount off of the trailer or a bucket, and he justs 18" jumps (this might not be such a good idea). He's not trained on any events, but Josh would rather do that himself and is looking forward to getting started. Josh has his cast off, and is rehabing his wrist, he has good range of motion,, just need to loosen it up a bit and rebuild the strength. He's back playing baseball and will be with us for two weeks while Rachel finishes out the school year in Texas. Tony and he are working on his 66, but as they have 4 years before he can drive, I think they have plenty of time to get it ready.
Happy Memorial Day, be safe and have fun.