Friday, September 11, 2009

Her name is Reba and she's fast

Finally I got to take her out for a spin, I got lots of heads turning. I know it was the car! She'll definitely be a spring, fall, and winter car, the air conditioner just won't keep up with the hot summer weather here in OK. I picked Josh up from school, and he told me I was really making him look good. The only thing better was if he could be driving. I told him to just wait, his car would be ready by the time he could drive.
We had rain for the last 2 days, nice but does interfere with the baseball games.
Josh will be playing until Oct.31. So we still have plenty of games to watch.
Tony is gearing up for hunting season, so I have to get all my honydo chores on the list. Once season opens, he mostly hunts and chores get done around that. Oh well, keeps him out of the bars!and the meat is good to eat.
I'm going to have to redo my flower beds completely, the deer have decided that we put them there for desert just for them. That's what I get for putting a corn feeder in the front yard. We have 3 that come almost every day for a snack, then they lay down in the shade for a nap. They are sooooo scared of us and the dogs.
I enjoy watching them so even if they do eat my flowers it is worth it. I've tried to get a few pictures, but it is hard to get close enough even with the telephoto lens. We'll see if I sometime. Hope you all have a good week end.